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A Tool for Growth

Sep 17 Wed,2014

Trade credit insurance is an extremely effective tool to grow your business faster than ever before. Many business owners in Botswana are waking up to this fact.Why? Because in order to grow, you need cash resources.If you’re constantly making a high level of sales, but struggling to collect cash on time due to forces beyond your control, then your business will always struggle to scale up and pay you the rewards you deserve.

You may feel cautious to bring on new customers, especially those who lack cash upfront. Or, if you’re an exporter, you might be a bit scared to deal with people you can’t see or visit easily.BECI can help you to vet these new customers – allowing you to filter out those with bad credit histories. If you could access valuable business information about the customers you were about to do business with, wouldn’t you?

Collecting payments has become so expensive. It costs time, money, energy and stress.With BECI working in the background, you can get back to doing what you do best: closing sales, making contacts, exploring new opportunities and growing. Develop as many new contacts as you want without having to worry about the risk of non-payment.BECI makes faster growth – and less stress – a real possibility.