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At BECI we love entrepreneurs

Oct 14 Tue,2014

Yes, You Can Grow Your Business in Times Like These

At BECI we love entrepreneurs.


We love them because we know they drive this country forward. They create jobs and build skills and assemble superstar teams. They come up with new ways to do more with less. They’re revolutionaries who create things we’ve never seen before. They solve our society’s biggest problems.

At least, that’s what entrepreneurs should be doing.

The truth is a lot less romantic. Especially in Botswana. Especially right now.

Nine out of ten entrepreneurs working in this market spend most their day… on the phone. On hold. Waiting. Waiting to get paid. Waiting to find out when that vital cash injection will come in – it at all.

Yes, being a business owner in Botswana today is an exercise in taking daily beatings from your late paying customers. A roller-coaster of emotions.

'Will the payment be ready today?'

'Sorry. Call back another time.'

A lack of cash flow is the absolute, undisputed, #1 killer of businesses in Botswana.

At BECI, we are here to change that.