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Oct 14 Tue,2014

Yes, You Can Grow Your Business in Times Like These At BECI we love entrepreneurs.   We love them because we know they drive this country forward. They create jobs and build skills and assemble superstar teams. They come up with new ways to do more with less. They’re revolutionaries who create things

Sep 17 Wed,2014

Banks in Botswana are willing to give more attractive loan terms to businesses that are covered by trade credit insurance policies.Throughout 2014, we embarked on an energetic stakeholder education campaign to show the business community just how valuable trade credit insurance can be.One of the key outcomes is how favourably banks now

Sep 17 Wed,2014

Trade credit insurance is an extremely effective tool to grow your business faster than ever before. Many business owners in Botswana are waking up to this fact.Why? Because in order to grow, you need cash resources.If you’re constantly making a high level of sales, but struggling to collect cash on time due