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Credit insurance provides a business with protection against non payment of its buyers. The policy is usually taken up to protect the business against the non payment of some large buyers, which could significantly affect the performance of your business.

We live in uncertain times, markets are continuously changing in such a manner that we find it difficult to comprehend. Our dealings are influenced by so many factors and yet we still have to deal hoping that the change in process will not impact on us negatively. The reality is that we are fully exposed to all these changes happening, and must do the necessary actions to protect the well being of our businesses, against the unknown.

There are many factors that could expose our businesses harshly, to name but a few;

  • One of your largest buyers goes into liquidation, which immediately puts yours on a back foot, which could eventually lead to your business folding.
  • A sudden shift in the economy, whereby a number of buyers are not able to meet their obligations, which could put your business on a serious, set back.
  • A sudden shift in the political and economic conditions of a buyer’s country, will expose your whole consignment to risks of non – payment.

Credit insurance should also be viewed as a risk management tool, which would aid your business greatly in the growth phase. The policy by nature allows your company to begin a process of evaluating the effectiveness of your credit policy, through partnering with your insurer. The assistance you get is that the insurer will vet all the buyers’ credit worthiness and monitor their financial performance, to your protect your business from being over exposed at any given time.


As we mentioned earlier, that credit insurance is a risk management tool, which will avail to you peace of mind in doing business and further allow you the latitude of concentrating in what you do best. Various financial objectives could be derived through the usage of credit insurance.

  • Achieves Financial Objectives
  • It will increase your cash flows and profitability
  • It protects one of your largest assets i.e. accounts receivables
  • Improves the quality of financial planning.
  • Better Access To Capital
  • Financiers value the security of insurance cover on receivables, which leads to better facilities offered.
  • Streamlines Financial Performance
  • Reduces bad debt reserves
  • Minimizes risk
  • Positive effect on growth rate
  • Return on assets is improved
  • Lowers borrowing costs
  • Enhances Competitiveness
  • Improves customer retention and relationship.
  • Reduces risks of entering new markets
  • Recovery Services
  • Pursuit for getting payment
  • Amicable settlement preserving good relationship
  • To recover debts through the courts
  • Better recoveries leading to lower premium costs.

We will stand by you in your quest to reach greater heights, by supporting your plans with the advice we provide on your debtors. In the process we will be sharing risks with you, enabling you to keep growing.