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Unreliable debt collectors are a great source of frustration and anxiety for small-medium sized business owners.

Why compound your bad-debt problem by pinning all your hopes on a collector who, despite his promises, is ill-equipped to get the job done?

BECI has a dedicated, in-house debt collection department which specialises in collecting overdue payments for small-medium sized businesses.

If you don’t get paid for the goods and services you provide on credit, you can turn to BECI for immediate assistance and extract yourself from the unpleasant frontlines of this process.

Why choose BECI to collect your debts?

A stable organisation

Founded in 1996, BECI is a subsidiary of Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) and is the proud holder of an A- credit rating.

Always easy to reach

Unreliable debt collection agencies can be extremely hard to reach and manage – just as hard, at times, as the delinquent debtor you’ve hired them to pursue.

Strictly business

BECI is a specialist in collecting debts from businesses. We never undertake consumer collections – which can be a time-consuming distraction. Ours is a professional task which requires professional knowledge – and that’s where we focus.

Significant savings

Litigation is an ineffective way to resolve outstanding debts, because it is far too expensive, stressful and time-consuming. Rather hire an expert debt collector.

Track record of success

BECI regularly collects large sums of money on behalf of our clients. The strength and reputation of our brand has a tangible ‘motivating effect’ impact on delinquent debtors.

Regular feedback

We provide progress reports on a monthly basis and always answer the phone. Our clients always know their status.

Contact us today and take the weight off your shoulders once and for all.



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