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Export Trade Credit Insurance Policy

This is a policy that allows an entity to cover its outside customers in different countries.


Protects against the failure to receive payment of an insured debt from an insured buyer in an insured country. Suitable for exporters who have not been paid up front for goods shipped.  

Risks Covered

Non Payment of an insured debt due to:

1.   Insolvency of your  insured buyer, which means any of the following events granted against your insured buyer

  • a provisional compulsory sequestration order
  • Provisional acceptance by the court of a voluntary surrender of estate.
  • A provisional winding up order
  • Acceptance of a statutory compromise or scheme of arrangement binding on all creditors
  • A provisional judicial management order.

2.   Protracted Default: which is the failure of your buyer to effect payment for an undisputed debt within six months after due date.

3.   Political Risks (these only applies to the Export Trade Credit Policy)

  • Importation: a law in your buyer’s country which restricts, controls, prevents the importation of goods into that country.
  • Transfer: a law in your buyer’s country restricting the transfer of funds, beyond your control, back to you.
  • Conflict: any occurrence of war, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, insurrection, revolution or other disturbances in an insured country.

Flexible Policy Structures to Suit Your Needs





Fees Payable: A credit limit fee is payable in respect of each credit limit annexure in force at the end of each month.

Performance Bonus


General Exclusions


  • Whole Book: You offer your entire debtors book for cover
  • Names or Selected Buyers: You may wish to cover specific buyers or selection of buyers. You must remember the greater your selection, the greater the impact could be on the premium charged.
  • Franchise Loss: Select a level where you are comfortable and offer a cover for your buyers above this level.
  • Insured Percentage: The percentage of the insured debt that will be paid by BECI in the event of loss.
  • Annual aggregate retention: Using provisional available, you may wish to carry an accumulation of losses for your own account but, knowing that once the provision has been exhausted, your credit insurance credit policy will respond.  It will also result in a greater saving in premium charged.
  • All Markets: You offer all your exports to buyers in all your markets for cover
  • Selected Markets: You offer all your exports buyers in selected countries for cover.
    • Premiums are based on the value of the debtors book insured and the policy structure selected
    • Premiums is paid monthly at a fixed rate or fixed amount.
    • An annual premium is also available.
    • For Exports premiums are based on the turnover, terms of payment and country of destination. Premiums are paid monthly based on the rate schedule, applicable per class of country. Annual premiums are also available
    • A percentage of premium will be refunded at the end of the end of insurance year depending on the claim performance during the year.
    • A no claim bonus will be paid provided no claim is lodged during the insurance year. This applies in most instances where an annual aggregate retention has been selected.
  • Government Buyers
  • Subsidiary/associated buyers
  • Loss Due to:

-any actual /alleged breach of contract by you

-any dispute relating to an insured contract resulting in nonpayment, until such time as the dispute is resolved.

  • Disputes
  • Changes in Exchange rates
  • Any shipments made against payment under a letter of credit, confirmed before shipment, by a bank in Botswana
  • Physical damage to the goods


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